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I’m trying to reconcile the DDW inputs for the Contract table and am struggling to reconcile the number of records we are receiving in the API vs what is in dataload environment

Contracts table:
Dataload Environment SQL Select - 559613
DDW- API Unpacked called Dataload Envrionment - 560577

I have confirmed that there are no duplicate contract GUID records in the data we are receiving within the API.

I am querying the Dataload counts from:
Server: wmn-p0-prd-sql-standby.database.windows.net
DB: wmn-p0-prd-sqldb-elemos-dataload

The API string is pointing to
base_url = https://wastemanagement-municipal-dataload.amcsplatform.com/erp/api
Specific Endpoint = /integrator/erp/accounting/contracts

I cannot understand how we are retrieving 964 MORE records than existing in the environment we are retrieving from?

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This can be marked as resolved. We were querying from the replicated copy of the database and there was an issue with replication

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