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In preparation for implementing our scheduled extractions, I have been running through the pulls manually in order to pick up the data we have missed since go live. All pulls have succeeded except for the LiftEvents endpoint.

Can you please pass this through the channels as an urgent request for someone to take a look at. The error message I am getting is included below.

processing /integrator/erp/transport/liftEvents Could not load /integrator/erp/transport/liftEvents due to Error [REDACTED]integrator/erp/transport/liftEvents/changes?since=ey0zLX2a4RJCaXBgXxhwJ%2BbIJqNcZXr88bKYPyduDuco9xtPvx%2Fo4oYt81mvtaiUA41OrNE%3D : 500 - The request timed out. 500 - The request timed out. The web server failed to respond within the specified time.

The specific call being made is:

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Hi Vaugh, This issue needs to come in through the project. This forum is for general questions about the functionality of the API.

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