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AMCS Financials provides a very robust set of tools for presenting dashboards, creating inquiries and analyzing the business at different levels such as line of business, company outlet, container, company, dept. etc.

In order to most effectively use this toolkit and these capabilities I would like to be able to get at the details of all transactions coming from AMCS Portfolio products.

Currently if 3 items are rented for $150 each I believe the journal entry would export just $450 debit and credit. What I'd really like to get is the count of 3 items at a unit price of $150 on the revenue detail line and just the total $450 on the receivables/debtor control account entry.

There likely needs to be a switch in the software to determine if these details are wanted or if a particular client of AMCS would prefer just the totals on both lines

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Finding the quantity for a line item:
If additional information is required the related transaction guid provides a means to go back to the REST API and pull the relevant resource

The current GL implementation provided a document level journal against accounts receivable/payable

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